Computer Services - Technology Education

Technology Education:


Have you had a virus on your machine and want to avoid it happening again?


Are your kids starting to use the internet - and you're worried that they know more about it than you do?


Do you want to learn how to use today's most used social App's (Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, etc...)


Do you want to learn to use a Smart TV?


Perhaps you would like to learn a new software or learn to use a Tablet?


      We all have our own different ways and methods of learning. For this,  Sharpline Technologieshas a diverse set of Learning Tools to suit those needs. A friendly, personable member of our team will listen to your concerns and design a short, effective education program to meet your needs. Whether you work well in a group setting or prefer to work alone at your own pace, ClickNet Solutions  can customize a computer training program to meet your needs: One-on-One Training, On-Site Classes, Self-Paced DVDs and more.